Save Time & Money On Cladding Installation With the Award Winning Cladman®

The Cladman enables a single person to install a wide range of Fibre Cement Weatherboards and Traditional Feather Edged cladding boards with minimum effort.

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Cladding Installation Made Simple and Safer

The Cladman enables a single person to install a wide range of Fibre Cement Weather Boards and Traditional Feather Edged cladding boards with minimum effort. Vastly improving safety, saving labour costs, improving efficiency, while maintaining superior accuracy.

How Does The Cladman Work?

Once the first board is positioned and secured in place, The Cladman is setup from that board.

Using the ​overlap guide provided with The Cladman, set the required overlap by ​selecting the relevant ​roller position​ and adjusting the ​lower legs​. ​This step is only required once throughout the job.

To install boards ​ ​fix The Cladman to ​a baton using the top securing screw, installing the ​second Cladman unit in the same manner ​​at a position relevant to the board length. Slide the boards into position ​on the roller guide.

The boards are now held in place hands-free, allowing you to install​ with ease.

The Cladman Cladding tools

The Cladman is Versatile

Unlike other tools available, the Cladman has been designed for use with all the leading suppliers of Cladding / Siding / Weatherboards from around the world. Marley Eternit, James Hardy, L.P Smartside, Boral, Traditional feather-edge and Waney-edge weatherboards.

The Cladman accommodates board widths of 125mm to 225mm, thickness of 8mm to 38mm and has an overlap range of 8mm to 85mm.

The Cladman is also robustly constructed, incorporating welded steel core corner joints and weighs just 900 grams a unit.

The Cladman® is a must have tool for installing cladding.
Not only does it allow for one person install, it can improve efficiency, reduce labour cost, ensure safety and get a perfect finish every time.

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Customer Reviews

Pro Tool Reviews’ Editor-in-Chief
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If I had a set of these when I was installing my siding, life would have been a lot easier.” What the Cladman does so well is take any kind of siding installation and make it a one-man job while maintaining outstanding accuracy. Just holding the siding would be helpful enough, but no-mar rollers also ensure that pre-finished or painted material doesn’t get marked up when you slide it in place.
Salvador Exposito
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I ordered a pair of cladding tools a few weeks ago and i just wanted to send you some pictures of the results obtained. I cladded the garden shed on my own and to be honest without the Cladman i would have never done this job.
Jim Guild
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I've used the Cladman to install about 100m2 of 150mm cedar feather edge cladding on my own. They are invaluable and without them I'd have had to have someone to help. The units are well made, robust and east to setup. As a design engineer i appreciate their simplicity of use and robust design.
Grant Peruzzi
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The Cladman is a great bit of kit top use, the chaps on site found that once it was set up it reduced the time to fit the boards and is straightforward to use. We would recommend it for anyone carrying out this type of work and it really paid for itself on our job.
Brett Varker
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We are very impressed with the Cladman Tool and it makes it so easy for one person to install cladding. Two of us have been using them for several months now without problems and the labour saving cost of not having to have two people hold the cladding boards paid for the tools in one day. Brilliant invention. Well done.
Chris Cullum
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I came across a video and a great article in the professional builder magazine about the Claddman, I was very interested in the product. What a great piece of kit to have in your toolkit. It saved me time and labour costs which the customer liked. The job got done very quickly indeed, I used to just use bit of ply to form a gauge stick. they’ve gone in the skip Cladman all the way from now on.

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Common Questions

The Cladman supports board thicknesses from 8mm to 38mm (5/16″ to 1 3/8″)

The Cladman will support an overlap range of 8 to 85mm (5/16″ to 3 3/8″)

Not at all, ​each Cladman weighs just ​900 grams or 2lb

Yes, we provide a 12 month warranty on the Cladman

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Delivery to any where in the UK is a standard £10 and will take 2-3 days to arrive. For orders outside the UK postage is calculated at the checkout.

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Weight: 900 g.
Dimensions: Depth: 130mm 5 1/4″, width: 240mm 9 1/2″, height: 520mm 20 1/2″.
Designed for: Cladding/siding boards with a width of 125mm – 225mm
thickness of 8mm to 38mm, overlap of 8mm to 85mm
In the box: 2 Cladman units, M8 nut driver, Case optional
Instruction Manual can be downloaded HERE

Made in Britan